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Never heard of 'Noncircular DCF Valuation?'  

Welcome to the club.

Are you aware 8th grade math dictates the discounting of FCFF @  WACC must incorporate iterative,  'circular' calculations in order to preserve the 'value-additivity' rule?'  

Let's face it.  Practically no one performs 'circular' DCF analysis.  Many are completely unaware these circular DCF calculations are even required.  The result is 'model error' and 'biased DCF valuations.'

Now there is a solution.  'Noncircular WACC' (LEEWACC) provides the exact same DCF valuation solution as required by circular calculations - without any circular calculations at all.

Written by a DCF practitioner for DCF  practitioners.

There is absolutely no other DCF valuation book like it on the market.  

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Stop violating the 'value-additivity' rule using a 20th century 'constant WACC' for all your DCF analyses.


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Brian K. Lee, MBA, PRM, CMA, CFA

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